Angel Power cards

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Angel Power cards are a beautiful, pocket-sized deck of 60 cards, each of which includes a written message and accompanying picture. The cards were created by Culture and Consciousness researcher Wulfing Von Rohr and teacher, lecturer and artist Gayan S. Winter. The cards exude warmth and positivity: Gayan has deliberately kept the illustrations simple and pure, to readily communicate the message on each card, channelling positive energy clealry and unambiguously to the reader.
As with other types of Angel cards, readers fall into two camps: those that literally believe the cards channel the energies of surrounding angels, or divine messangers, and those who believe they simply but just as powerfully encourage readers to explore their inner emotions and encourage a positive, happy outward approach.
Wulfing von Rohr was born in Germany in 1948. The author of more than 50 books, he has devoted his life to the study of natural healing, astrology, tarot, occult sciences, spiritual psychology and self-help. He is the recipient of the "Inspire Consciousness Award 2010" and a TV journalist.Gayan Winter is a Czech writer, teacher and lecturer. She's the author of a number of books including "When the Heart is Free". As well as illustrating the Angel Power Cards, she's also illustrated "Vision Quest Tarot" (which borrow heavily from Native American artistry).The pack includes 60 inspiring cards and a short instruction booklet by Wulfing von Rohr.

The cards are useful for meditation, solving problems, or guidance in any situation.