Reiki Healing Journey

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Aimed primarily at those who have completed Reiki 1 or received an attunement to channel Reiki energies, this film is an excellent tool that not only reinforces the teachings of Reiki 1, but essentially offers a wider horizon of how Reiki can be integrated into everyday life. In Reiki Healing Journey, Reiki Master Ian Welch demonstrates how to create a 'sacred space' for healing and the importance of 'protection' and 'grounding'. Reiki Healing Journey features: Grounding and Protection, The Chakras and Chakra Colours, A Reiki Treatment (hands on - hands off - Reiki sandwich), Distant Healing, Everyday Reiki (People, Animals, Plants, Food and Objects), Reiki Q & A section with Judith Rosemary Clough Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master, Reiki Meditation "Reiki Healing Journey".

Bonus Material: - featurette with Ian Welch demonstrating how to incorporate Reiki healing energies into crystals, dreamcatchers and food. Reiki Aura Photography Gallery features photographs of Reiki Energy taken with the amazing Polycontrast Interference Photography System. Profile of Reiki Master Ian Welch Featured music from 'Reiki Healing Journey' Ian Welch