Tai Chi for beginners

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An excellent introduction to Tai Chi that is suitable for beginners and for people of all ages. Tai Chi Chuan is a Soft, Internal Martial Art, that has been practised in China for thousands of years. It uses graceful, flowing movements, combined with the power of breath to bring balance and alignment to mind, body and spirit. Each move is an exercise in itself and can be repeated several times in order to gain flexibility and strength. Take your time and do not rush. Repeat each set until you feel comfortable. Remember, you are exploring your inner self, and in this way the form will evolve into your awareness. In order to be in harmony you must first obtain balance, so by practising a Soft Martial Art you can train your body, discipline your mind and gain spiritual awareness. The joy of rediscovering your true self is amazing. Leaving you able to breathe effortlessly and move freely through life with all its changes.